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When Madonna brings her MNDA tour stateside, she will want to ensure she has her ducks – and prop guns – in a row.

“The criminal laws apply equally to Madonna as they do to everyone else,” explained Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney litigator Stuart P. Slotnick to the Huffington Post. “If she possesses a legal prop gun, at the end of the day she will not have any problems.”

At least not legal ones, Slotnick noted.

“She may have to wrangle with warnings from politicians and government officials that want to see their name associated with a defense-of-morals incident,” he said, referring to the “sound and fury” posturing controversial performers sometimes generate.

Still, law enforcement officials and rock concerts are not strange bedfellows.

“An arrest of Madonna during a show would not be the first time authorities intervened during a rock concert for behavior they found to be illegal,” Slotnick concluded.