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Stuart Slotnick, managing shareholder of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney's New York office, was quoted in two articles reporting on the recent Department of Justice sweep of suspected mafia members. Slotnick weighed in on the ruling in pieces published January 20, 2011 by AOL News and

"Today's DOJ sweep will likely have no more than a temporary effect on gambling in the United States," Slotnick told "Those that are interested in betting on sports events will find bookies willing to take their wages."

Attorney General Eric Holder called the sweep "an important step in disrupting" mafia operations, but Slotnick was not convinced.

"With regard to organized crime, there may be loose affiliations with people who know each other," he explained to AOL News and other New York media outlets. "But it's not really a mob as portrayed by the Department of Justice and the media."