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Intellectual Property Section Co-Chair Michael L. Dever co-authored a white paper on Intellectual Property Valuation, which was published in IPO Daily News.

Dever is a member of the Intellectual Property Owner’s Association Corporate IP Management Committee and was selected to International Asset Management’s 2013 Patent 1000, the best-in-class listing of patent prosecution, licensing and litigation practitioners, where he was recognized as “a true all-rounder” in the intellectual property section.”

His white paper covers a variety of IP valuation topics including:

  • The identification of methods for extracting value from IP assets.
  • An overview of the primary issues that should be considered and addressed when valuing IP.
  • Developing and improving in-house efforts to value IP.
  • The effect of the American Invents Act on IP valuation.
  • A hypothetical case study that addresses many of the issues the paper covers.

Read the full white paper here.