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Experts are forecasting larger law firms on the hunt for IP specialty boutiques, as firms see scooping up high-stakes IP Litigation specialists a way to quickly add to their bottom line reported Law360 in a recent article.

The article titled, “BigLaw Chases IP Boutiques in Search for Dollars,” describes how IP revenues have been healthy for boutiques, leading big firms to be interested in investing in IP Litigation.

Intellectual Property Shareholder at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, Michael L. Dever, told Law360 that, “[t]he absorption of IP boutiques is often difficult, as larger general services firms aren’t always aware of the support needs and expenses of patent prosecution and related work.”

“It’s document heavy, it’s docket heavy, and you need specialists…and that isn’t always going to work for a law firm that wants to go to a lawyer-to-staff ratio of three-to-one.” Dever said. 

Read the full article – “BigLaw Chases IP Boutiques in Search for Dollars” (Law360, November 22, 2013)