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Matthew H. Meade, shareholder in Buchanan’s Pittsburgh office, was recently featured in a Security Nation magazine article titled, "Risky Business: Cyber Threats for Real Ransomware, Data Breaches, and Reputable Hackers: A Conversation with Matthew Meade." In this article, he shares his expertise on the type of data hackers are looking for, data security best practices and the three steps in the data lifecycle.

“First, do not assume the IT guy will handle it. To be effective it needs to be a companywide engagement; the first line of defense is employees. This practice can take on many forms such as department meetings or adding data security policies to your onboarding process. Next, develop an incident response plan, “such as a table top exercise of what to do when a laptop is stolen” and battle-test it! Put that plan to into action and make the necessary adjustments to make it fool-proof…. No data security best practice plan would be complete without addressing passwords. Meade stresses this topic because it’s one of those ‘it won’t happen to me’ things… until it does.”

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