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Buchanan Managing Shareholder of the firm's San Diego office Keith R. Solar recently served as a panelist at a The Daily Transcript's roundtable event sponsored by Buchanan. The roundtable focused on new California state regulations on water that will take effect this month and how to meet those regulations in a way that benefits the state and businesses.

"It's an unpopular kind of viewpoint, but I think where the rubber hits the road is [when] people conserve — they cut their water use down to nothing — and their bills don't go down," Solar stated at the roundtable. "When that happens, people say, 'Why should I do this?'"

Pointing to Israel as an example, Solar noted that Israel built desalination plants about 10 years ago and is now water independent.

In an article in The Daily Transcript Solar says that "Californians should be focusing more on finding alternative water supplies." 

Read the full article and watch Keith's live interview below - New Water Supplies, Technology Missing from Drought Regulations" (The Daily Transcript, June 4, 2015) Subscription only.