Pittsburgh's largest advertising agency, MARC USA, is contesting the RFP process that awarded the Pennsylvania Lottery account to the city's second-largest agency, Brunner. Buchanan litigator Jayson R. Wolfgang explained the court process in these types of cases, in the Pittsburgh Business Times article published Friday, March 9, 2012.

In an appeal filed Feb. 13, MARC asked the Commonwealth Court to review the agency's January protest against the RFP process, which removed it as the agency of record and awarded the account to Brunner.

"If the court is so included, they'll put [the case] on an oral argument schedule," Wolfgang explained. "They have sessions posted throughout the course of a year, to occur when the next argument is heard in Harrisburg."

Source: "MARC USA files appeal over Pa. lottery account selection process"
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Pittsburgh Business Times
March 9, 2012