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The Sun-Sentinel, a daily newspaper of Broward and South Palm Beach counties in Florida, recently reported on the Broward County Crime Commission’s recent seminar on workplace bullying. The article reports that 27 percent of workers in the United States have been bullied, with Fort Lauderdale being one of the cities that has a zero tolerance policy again bullying.

"Once management understands what the costs of bullying are, they'll get it," said Kelly H. Kolb told the publication. He said that research shows that bullying can result in "clinical depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, ulcers, loss of sleep, a variety of problems. That's going to translate into absenteeism, loss of productivity, more sick days, workers comp claims, health insurance claims, short- and long-term disability claims."

Broward County Crime Commission’s Adult & Workplace Bullying Conference was part of the Crime Commission’s Building Bridges Mental Health Conference Series and was held on Thursday, July 24th from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm in Deerfield Beach, Fla. Conference attendees learned the devastating effects that workplace bullying can cause, as well the financial impact of bullying on the corporate bottom line. 

Read the full article – "No Tolerance for Bullying, Experts Say" (Sun-Sentinel, July 24, 2014)