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Did you know that lawsuits involving real property, contracts and indebtedness accounted for 71 percent of the 32,145 lawsuits filed in the Miami-Dade Circuit since last June? Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Shareholder Jesse H. Diner writes in his latest article published in the Daily Business Review that those lawsuits make up 64 percent of disputes in the Broward Circuit and 63 percent in the Palm Beach Circuit during the same time.

In his article, titled "Private Judge Can Be Speedy Option for Many Trials," Diner uncovers a quicker alternative to finding a resolution for your client: a private judge.

"Rather than wait years, some parties have chosen to resolve their differences before a private judge or, more formally, a voluntary trial resolution judge. That choice is offered through Chapter 44, Section 104 of the state statutes. Florida, unlike some states, allows attorneys—not just former judges—to conduct trials," Jesse writes.

A private judge might not be the best choice for every situation, but it could afford to be a "fast-lane" option, making the trip to court a quicker, easier experience Jesse says.

Read the full article – "Private Judge Can Be Speedy Option for Many Trials" (Daily Business Review, May 11, 2015, Jesse H. Diner) Subscription required.