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Buchanan attorneys Jennifer Olmedo-Rodriguez, Matthew Feeley and Jose Florez traveled to Cuba in May 2015 as part of a delegation from the Florida Bar's International Law Section to learn about the country's rapidly changing environment. Reporting their findings in a recently penned article, titled "Cuba Awash With Opportunities – and Plenty of Caveats," Olmedo-Rodriguez and Feeley explain to Daily Business Review readers the changing landscape and potential business opportunities that may arise as U.S.-Cuba relations continue to soften.

Entering the trip from two different perspectives – Olmedo-Rodriguez being a Cuban-American keenly aware of the suffering endured by countless families in Cuba, and Feeley, an American looking to gain an inside view of the historic plight the country has faced – they both learned lessons spanning law, politics and economics.

"While certainly in its infancy, the budding free-enterprise system caught us off guard. Cubans are beginning to successfully run private enterprises on a limited scale, including operating private restaurants—'paladares'—and renting rooms in their homes to tourists—'casas particulares,'" they write.

"The seeds are planted," says Olmedo-Rodriguez and Feeley. "Those who visit will be hard-pressed to ignore that something is happening." 

Read the full article – "Cuba Awash With Opportunities – and Plenty of Caveats" (Daily Business Review, July 29, 2015). Subscription required.