Jason P. Camillo

Jason P. Camillo


Pittsburgh, PA

How Jason Helps Clients

Jason Camillo focuses his practice in the intellectual property arts of electrical, mechanical and materials science. His experiences include drafting and prosecuting a wide variety of utility and design patent applications, both foreign and domestic. In addition to patent prosecution, he has experience rendering patentability, invalidity, state of the art, non-infringement and freedom-to-operate and clearance opinions. Jason regularly performs infringement analyses and due diligence investigations, as well as negotiates and drafts intellectual property licensing agreements. He also counsels clients regarding matters related to trademarks, trade secrets and copyright rights.

The majority of the patent prosecution work is conducted before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, but Jason regularly drafts patent applications and participates in the prosecution thereof for patent offices throughout the world. He has secured intellectual property rights related to medical insertion devices, electro-mechanical medical devices, autonomous mobile robotic vehicles and related control and tracking systems, information technology systems, communication systems, RFID tracking and management systems, semi-conductor devices, opto-electronic devices and systems, spectroscopy devices and systems, material processing and handling systems, mechanical devices related to the oil and gas industry, fragrance emitting and order eliminating materials and devices, and drinkware.

Prior to joining Buchanan, Jason’s experience included logistics/procurement and engineering with the U.S. Army, business process design and technology implementation at U.S. Steel Corporation, and trust and estates at PNC Wealth Management.

What Clients Can Expect

Clients can expect Jason to quickly understand and even anticipate their needs. It is important to provide the client with a result they want in an effective and efficient manner. Accomplishing this not only requires listening to the client, but also understanding the client’s business, the client’s current business environment, and being intimately familiar with the client’s products/services. Jason has a diversified background that affords him the ability to appreciate these aspects even before delving into the particulars of the client’s needs.

Outside the Office

Jason was born and raised in Pittsburgh. He has a full and busy household with a wife, his first newborn child and two dogs. These days, his hobbies mostly consist of spending as much time as he can with his new daughter. Jason loves to travel and experience different cultures by bypassing all of the heavy tourist spots and seeking out the local fun spots. While he enjoys practicing law, his dream job would be to enforce the law as a sheriff of a small town in a western part of the U.S. where he can have a deputy or two.

There are several ways to meet an objective, but there may be only a few that fit a strategy to achieve the client’s goals. A good attorney develops a strategy for the client and never loses sight of it.