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Sep 7 2014
Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver
Michael L. Dever will be a panelist at the Intellectual Property Owners Association’s Annual Meeting on Monday, September 7. The panel, organized by the Corporate IP Management committee, will discuss key issues involved with IP valuation. The presentation will serve as a follow-up to the white paper and case study that Dever co-authored on a variety of IP valuation topics including:

  • The identification of methods for extracting value from IP assets.
  • An overview of the primary issues that should be considered and addressed when valuing IP.
  • Developing and improving in-house efforts to value IP.
  • The effect of the America Invents Act on IP valuation.
The discussion will build off of a case study illustrating ways in which to explore the value of an IP portfolio (including patents, patent applications, trademarks and trade secrets) and will include issues around topics such as valuation purposes, contexts, methodologies, analyses, assessment and quantification of risk and uncertainty.