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Marc Tepper, shareholder and head of the firm's Philadelphia office, was featured in Capital Analytics article "How technology is permanently changing professional business." 

Technology has forever changed how we work, and its greatest impact that emerged during the pandemic was in litigation. There was a lot of concern about taking depositions by video, and it unnerved many people. But it ultimately worked better than any of us would have thought. It was difficult because we couldn't read body language the same way as when you are in person, but using Zoom, Teams and other virtual platforms gave us unparalleled efficiency and cost savings by not having to travel. Though we welcome people back into the office and normal traditional workflow, this type of digital interaction is here to stay, and we are better for it.  

We will likely keep much of the new technology that has made us all more efficient even after returning to the office full-time. We went out of our way to engage employees across the entire firm to ensure we were doing as much as possible to strike the right balance in work-life, home life, collaboration, and overall administrative efficiency.