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On this Dimensions of Diversity episode, host Lloyd Freeman brings in Andrew Hope, a litigator at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney’s office in Philadelphia. Andrew has a wide variety of experience in litigation matters and focuses on consumer defense, especially with ADA cases which the episode centers on.

Web accessibility for people with disabilities has been an ongoing issue that was enhanced after the 2020 global pandemic. Lloyd and Andrew reflect on the fact that the ADA’s Title III has little but no explanation regarding web accessibility standards and guidelines. Apart from this, Andrew highlights that Title III has no size limits and the law also applies to small businesses. How should businesses approach this issue? What level of accessibility should websites have? Can assisted technology be compatible with web content? Lloyd and Andrew go on into a deep conversation about the many issues of the American Disabilities Act in this technological era.

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Dimensions of Diversity is a podcast created by Buchanan Ingersoll and Rooney, highlighting diversity in the workplace. Hosted by Lloyd Freeman, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, the podcast features frank conversations with leaders all across the world of workplace diversity.