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Our attorneys work with you at the intersection of contract law and your strategic and operational goals.

We Understand the Business of Business

We understand how thoughtfully and strategically crafted agreements are not only crucial for your business operations, but also how they help reduce risk and help you grow and build value.

Our attorneys who concentrate on commercial contract transactions are dedicated to representing you in business arrangements with your suppliers, service providers, customers, licensors, distributors and other strategic partners. Among the agreements with which we can assist you are:

  • Master services agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Supply agreements
  • Sales and marketing agreements
  • Construction agreements
  • Upstream, midstream and downstream energy-related agreements
  • Technology licensing agreements
  • Strategic alliance agreements, cooperative agreements and research agreements

Deep Industry Knowledge

In addition to recognizing that every company is unique, we also recognize that every industry has its own contractual priorities and nuances. For example, construction companies and pharmaceutical companies both need supply agreements, but each will have its own unique requirements. We have deep industry knowledge in many diverse industries, including:




Industrial Products







Our sophisticated understanding of the subtleties and the risks associated with commercial agreements in your specific industry allows us to provide you with business-centric advice that helps you compete effectively, achieve your objectives and avoid costly disputes.

Technology Transactions

We represent clients in virtually every industry in transactions involving technology and intellectual property rights. Whether your business is healthcare, e-commerce, biotech, media, entertainment or any other industry utilizing technology, our experienced negotiators and problem solvers know how to add value to your technological innovation. Our technology transactions attorneys work at the convergence of intellectual property and corporate law, representing clients in virtually every related industry.

And whether you are a start-up or an international powerhouse, a licensee or licensor, a vendor or a customer, we have the technical knowledge, the legal knowledge and the practical business judgment and experience you need. Combined with our deep industry and technology experience, we can advise you effectively on the acquisition, use, development and commercial application of technology.

Our concentration on the commercial aspects of technology and intellectual property distinguishes our corporate practice from that of many other firms. We handle a wide spectrum of issues, ranging from technology transfer and commercialization agreements to enterprise-wide licenses for multi-location systems.

Our Clients Tell It to the Press

Our team's concentration on the commercial aspects of technology and intellectual property distinguishes our corporate practice from that of many other firms.

According to IAM Licensing 250, compiled by Intellectual Asset Management magazine:

"Licensing sits at the apex of this firm’s corporate finance and technology practices. Practitioners are first and foremost business and transactional lawyers, who are equally endowed with solid expertise in technology and intellectual property. The team has the know-how and experience to handle any kind of commercial transaction involving the exploitation and monetization of intellectual property. Its work cuts across a range of industry sectors and technologies, although healthcare, software, life sciences and clean-tech are particular strongholds."

Regardless of the scope of your technology transactions, we’re here to smooth and manage the process so you can concentrate on your business and the technology that makes it successful.

We're Team Builders

Our cross-disciplinary and highly collaborative approach allows us to provide you with an integrated team that covers all the relevant issues. Our commercial contracts and technology transactions teams work closely contracts team together when needed – as do attorneys from our intellectual property group, tax group, employment group, corporate finance and others when issues arise that require their experience.