Christian Antkowiak, Counsel in Buchanan's Pittsburgh office, is featured in Law360's attorney roundup on the significance of the new Department of Labor's overtime exemption rule that affects approximately 4 million Americans. Read the full article here.  (Subscription required)

“This is a potential game changer, that’s not necessarily as detrimental to employers as it might appear at first glance. During the last 10 years, wage and hour lawsuits have risen to record setting levels. The change to the Fair Labor Standards Act white collar overtime exemptions may provide an opportunity for employers to stem that tide. It has some obvious drawbacks such as the loss of flexibility, new challenges to the method and manner of tracking hours worked, and additional compliance costs. But it may also provide much needed cover for employers looking to reclassify positions that no longer meet an applicable duties’ test. In the end, the rule change may provide a pathway for employers to save more money over the long-run, even if the transition period is costly and cumbersome.”