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Buchanan’s digital solution center that drives a culture of innovation creating a stronger firm and enhanced client service.

Welcome to BuchananInnovate, our digital solutions center. We offer cutting-edge digital solutions that drive growth, innovation, and success for Buchanan professionals and the firm’s clients.

BuchananInnovate offers enhanced digital capabilities by focusing on advanced data analytics, visualization, and automation. BuchananInnovate helps clients and the firm leverage the power of digital technologies to drive growth and efficiency.

The BuchananInnovate team can develop new digital service offerings, improve existing processes, and provide clients with unique and valuable solutions to their business challenges.

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Events and Partnerships:
Through internal and external idea-a-thons, partnerships, and other initiatives, BuchananInnovate fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation, leading to new ideas, products, and solutions.

Client Partnerships: Coming together with clients to develop creative solutions and unlock greater value.

Digital literacy: By offering CLE courses focused on digital literacy, BuchananInnovate helps legal professionals stay up to date on the latest digital trends and developments, and better serve clients in the digital age.


Union Trust Building
501 Grant Street, Suite 200
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-4413