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Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney was recently featured in two articles published by Law360 featuring their Pennsylvania Powerhouse list, a list of notable firms with a substantial presence in Pennsylvania.

CEO Jack Barbor told the publication, “[w]e don't view ourselves as a Pittsburgh law firm with a Philadelphia office or a Pittsburgh law firm with a Harrisburg office. I feel that we're at the forefront in all the cities that we practice in.”

Asked about the legal industry in Philadelphia, the firm’s Philadelphia office head Joseph Dougherty explained, “Today we're competing not only with the long-standing Philadelphia firms that are here but more often with Washington, D.C., firms, New York firms for the bigger litigation.”

Buchanan was noted for its significant Pennsylvania presence with 288 lawyers in three offices in the state.

The firm’s Harrisburg office head, Stephen Gierasch, told Law360 that, “[w]hen I think of Harrisburg legal market: what distinguishes us from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia is that clients do look to this market for regulatory and governmental relations expertise.”

Gierasch added, referring to Pennsylvania's nickname, “[w]hen I think of our practice in general, the concept of the Keystone State has a dual meaning for us. It's not just the state's role in the founding of the country, it's a keystone for Buchanan.”

One of the articles also noted the energy boom’s effect on the local legal market. Dougherty said, “You have the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and the Energy Action Group that are trying to develop a greater business presence for the energy sector, both through innovation, through technology and through the ports.”

He noted, “There's a lot of opportunity, and Philadelphia is a uniquely positioned community to try to help tap into that, especially through the transportation side and the technology side.” 

Read the Law360 article highlighting all the Pa. Powerhouses - "Pa. Powerhouses Dominate in Competitve Regional Market" (Law360, June 13, 2014)