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A September 29, 2010, Law360 article, titled "Essential Reading For Young Lawyers," asked attorneys at firms across the U.S., "Aside from the standard law school texts, what books would you recommend to legal greenhorns, and why?" The following Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney lawyers contributed to the article: S. Lloyd Smith — co-chair of firm's Intellectual Property Litigation Section; Gretchen L. Jankowski — a shareholder in the firm's Litigation Section; and Mary Sue Henifin — co-managing shareholder of Buchanan's Princeton office and a member of the firm's Litigation Section.

Smith's recommendation was "A Civil Action," by Jonathan Harr. "I strongly recommend the book 'A Civil Action' for inspiration and a dose of reality — it is a compelling read about a lawyer whose passion drives him toward success at great personal cost," Smith said.

Jankowski recommended "Gideon's Trumpet," by Anthony Lewis. Her reasoning, "Reminds all of us that some of our most important legal rights came from those without formal legal training."

Lastly, Henifin's recommendation for "Essential Reading For Young Lawyers," "The Soul of the Law," by Benjamin Sells. According to Henifin, it's "[a] reflective book on how both individuals and the legal system suffer when the connection to soul is lost, which happens all too often as lawyers practice long hours and take on challenging matters. Awareness of the problem is the first step along the path to a solution that includes staying true to core beliefs and valuing family, friends and community."