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Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Litigation attorney Richard G. Salazar recently shared his insight on the NCAA student-athlete ruling in the Ninth Circuit on Wednesday, September 30 which struck down the NCAA's ban on paying student-athletes "on the grounds that it violates federal antitrust law."

"The significance of the O’Bannon ruling is twofold. First, the Ninth Circuit determined that the NCAA’s rule prohibiting a student-athlete from being compensated for the use of his name, image and likeness is subject to antitrust scrutiny and that the prohibition has anticompetitive effects in the college education market. Second, the Ninth Circuit recognized the NCAA’s interest in maintaining the amateur principles of the sports it regulates and that the making of cash payments to student athletes unrelated to education expenses, even if small, constitutes a legitimate threat to those principles," Salazar told the publication. 

Read the full article - "Attorneys React To NCAA Student-Athlete Pay Ruling" (Law360, September 30, 2015) Subscription required.