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Stuart Slotnick, shareholder in the firm's Litigation section and head of the New York City office, was featured in Entrepreneur article, "Bestselling Author James Patterson Shares His Advice for Entrepreneurs: 'Build a Business You Never Want to Retire From.'"

"Growing up, I saw what my father did as a lawyer," Slotnick says. "On the weekends, he would have a fold-out table in the basement of the house I grew up in. He worked, and I saw what he did. He explained to me what he did, and it was exciting. That is when I decided I wanted to be a lawyer. Since becoming a lawyer, I absolutely love what I do. I'm going to keep going; I don't see myself retiring. There are only so many hours a day you can play tennis and golf. What I get to do for a living is fun, it doesn't feel like work."