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John Washlick, shareholder in the firm’s Healthcare section, was featured in healthleaders article, "What to Expect: Healthcare M&A in 2022."

"I don't see a slowdown [in m&a this year] because the same reasons to be acquired or merging haven't changed in the healthcare system," John Washlick, shareholder at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC, told HealthLeaders.

He also believes that m&a deals this year will be a continuation of what happened in 2020 and 2021.

"Last year the deals were smaller, but they were much bigger. There was a flurry of activities during the year, particularly with physician practices, [because] they were worried that the Biden Administration was going to try to have their capital gains tax eliminated," he said. "I think when they realized that that wasn't going to happen, they slowed down a little bit, but only to be pushed off into 2022. And January has been very busy."

Washlick said that he anticipates clinical affiliations and joint ventures to continue to happen as a stepping stone that could lead to a merger or acquisition.

"Clinical affiliations and joint ventures, which are single profitable and income-producing to both parties, are on the rise, and often, they will lead to a potential outright merger or acquisition," he said.