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Vicki Cremonese

Vicki Cremonese

Patent & Trademark Specialist

Pittsburgh, PA

How Vicki Helps Clients

Vicki is a paralegal who has been working in Buchanan’s Intellectual Property section for over three decades. In her role, she manages all the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office deadlines and reviews all the correspondence filed with the agency. She is also responsible for renewal applications and foreign trademark filings, as well as initiating foreign patent filings and preparing docket reports.

What Clients Can Expect

A strong communicator, Vicki is in constant contact with clients. She reports on various Patent and Trademark Office correspondence, advises clients on deadlines, offers guidance throughout the process and how to best proceed in various situations. She is always pleasant and professional and she makes herself available to clients at all times so she can answer their questions in a timely manner and receive work product promptly.

I have had the privilege throughout my career to work with an outstanding group of people.  We work hard, but we also know how to have fun.  I enjoy interacting with my coworkers and also with our clients, some of whom I have dealt with since I started in our group.

Outside the Office

Vicki is an avid baseball fan, so during her free time, she loves not only attending local games with her husband, but also traveling to ball parks around the country.