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Rajiv Khanna, shareholder in the firm's Corporate section, was quoted in The Indian Panorama article, "The Indian Panorama Readers weigh in on expectations of the Indian American community of Biden-Harris Administration."

I hope the Bidden-Harris administration realizes that with most of America's traditional allies doing extensive trade with China, with China in many cases having now become their largest trading partner in place of the U.S, the only true ally the United States has today against China is India and treat the legitimate concerns of India on various front, including Pakistan, with the respect that they deserve. While as a strong free-marketer, I always applaud any effort by India to move towards a free market economy, the legitimate fear of the farmers that in a free-market economy profiteers will squeeze them down to poverty cannot be ignored. While I never want a slow movement towards market-based economy, this maybe one case where it is justified. A slow phased introduction of market-based reforms in the farm sector, with constant monitoring of whether the country and farmers are better off in the new system and constant readjustment of market-based reforms in the farm sector to create a win-win system for the farmers and the country, should be thoughtfully implemented.