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Buchanan Labs is partnering with Pittsburgh Tech Council TechVibe Radio to present a series of podcasts that provide the latest insights on hot topics in the entrepreneurial, emerging company and technology space in Pittsburgh.

Episode #3 features Matineh Eybpoosh from Watt-Learn and Nesra Yannier from NoRILLA. John Previs counsels both Watt-Learn and NoRILLA and leads the discussion on behalf of Buchanan Labs.

The discussion includes:

  • Watt-Learn is an artificial intelligence company that offers a revolutionary battery control software platform which autonomously optimizes battery operations for user-specified criteria. Watt-Learn was part of Innovation Works’ AlphaLab, which is a nationally ranked software accelerator in Pittsburgh that helps early-stage tech companies quickly figure out the best way to build and grow in an immersive 4-month program with funding.
  • NoRILLA is a patent-pending mixed-reality educational system bridging physical and virtual worlds to improve STEM learning. NoRILLA was part of Innovation Works’ AlphaLab Gear, which is a nationally ranked hardware accelerator in Pittsburgh that guides early-stage physical product companies through a 21-week customer discovery module and a 15-week manufacturing module, with up to $125,000 in funding.

Download the podcast here. You can also find our previous episodes here.

Buchanan Labs is a subdivision of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney that is dedicated to delivering full-service and cost-effective legal solutions to emerging and early-stage companies. We maintain dedicated space at Ascender, where the podcasts take place, which is a hub for Pittsburgh's starters and builders that provides programming, insight and connectivity for the region’s entrepreneurs.