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Shawn N. Gallagher, Counsel in Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney’s Real Estate Section, was mentioned in two recent articles in the Herald Standard about a proposed mining operation in Dunbar Township, Pa.

Gallagher’s client, Amerikohl Mining Inc., proposes to remove rock over a coal seam in Curry Mine, which requires a special exception from Fayette County. As noted in the Herald, Gallagher explained on behalf of his client that although the blast site is near Ohiopyle State Park and the Great Allegheny Passage, users of the park and trail should not be negatively impacted by the blast, as the blast noise will be minimal.

Amerikohl first applied for the exception in 2009, but concerns about noise, water and air pollution prohibited the exception from being approved. In a Herald Standard article on September 27, 2012, Gallagher described changes that were made to Amerikohl’s new application in hopes that it will receive approval from the zoning board. Most recently, at a Fayette County Zoning Board meeting, Gallagher described the regulations that the mining operation will follow and how the mining operation will occur, as reported in the Herald on October 11, 2012.