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Shaun Susan Fleming

Shaun Susan Fleming


Pittsburgh, PA

How Shaun Helps Clients

Shaun assists clients by serving as a resource for Buchanan attorneys throughout corporate transactions such as mergers, acquisitions and restructurings, including review and organization of due diligence materials, preparation of closing agenda and closing documentation including schedules to definitive agreement, officers certificates, authorizing resolutions, various closing certificates and preparation and filing of various forms of debt and transfer instruments.

Shaun prepares and files articles of incorporation, qualification, withdrawal, merger and dissolution documentation for various types of business entities. She is also responsible for maintaining and updating corporate minute books, drafting Board meeting minutes and annual consents and filing corporate annual reports for clients with multiple subsidiary corporations to ensure corporate compliance with all statutory requirements.

What Clients Can Expect

Shaun especially enjoys being part of a team and collaborating with colleagues and clients to achieve the best possible outcome. With more than 30 years of paralegal experience and training, Shaun is able to anticipate and prepare for potential problems which may occur in the course of a transaction and find solutions in order to quickly resolve issues with filings, corporate compliance matters and client related issues. Attention to detail, effective communication skills and an outgoing personality have all played an important role in Shaun’s paralegal career.

Shaun also has extensive experience in working with various Department of State offices in order to resolve issues which clients may have in terms of corporate compliance and has achieved favorable outcomes for clients in the most cost-effective manner.

Outside the Office

Shaun loves spending time with family and friends and especially enjoys movies, gourmet cooking, reading, going to art museums and exploring small villages in Spain.