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While U.S. and U.K. law firms continue their rapid expansion into emerging markets, they should remain cognizant of potential foreign bribery schemes targeting clients, as well as themselves, reports a recent article published in Law360.

The article titled, “Global 20 Firms Follow Clients into FCPA Hot Zones,” describes that law firms moving into Foreign Corrupt Practices Act hot zones could be at risk to becoming “the third party center of a bribery transaction,” Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Shareholder Matthew J. Feeley told the publication.

“If you’re operating overseas, you can’t just do what your client tells you to do,” Feeley said. “You need to find out where the money is going and why it’s going there.”

Feeley suggests that firms be careful to not get caught up unknowingly as a third-party intermediary for a law-breaking client. 

Read the full article – “Global 20 Firms Follow Clients into FCPA Hot Zones” (Law360, August 5, 2014) Subscription may be required.