published an article regarding the key ingredients to becoming a trusted advisor. Buchanan Shareholder Mary Sue Henifin and Jennifer Ranger from firm client BAE Systems weighed in on the topic, sharing how they work to develop relationships with key business leaders as they develop budgets for legal services.

“So much of the budgeting involves strategic business decisions and has to take into account what kind of communications needs to happen between in-house counsel and company leadership,” Henifin told the publication. “Sometimes we are brought in prior to litigation to manage risk, which requires learning about the business imperatives.”

The article explains that tying legal budgets to business goals is a key strategy for many firms when it comes to working with their clients, and taking the time to know how the business operates is a great start.

“It's language business people understand. That makes them feel more comfortable. It marries up the legal function to the business function so we understand each other better,” said Ranger. 

Read the full article – “Money Sense” (, December 1, 2015). Subscription required.