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Buchanan client Kratsa Properties is one of the three developers whose proposal is being considered for redeveloping the historic Hunt Armory in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Kratsa was given the opportunity to present its vision for the redevelopment at a community meeting on November 2.

Kratsa proposes building an ice rink in the armory, possibly circled by a walking track, above a level of parking. The proposal also includes concessions, a pro shop and event space.

“We think it does the best job of maintaining the community nature of the space” explains B. Lafe Metz, chair of Buchanan’s Real Estate practice. He emphasized that “100 percent of the building would be open to the public.”

The historic armory is currently unused and is located near churches, a business district and a school for deaf children. From the inception of Kratsa’s vision, Buchanan has acted as a true business partner with the company, helping them to develop not only their plans but also a pragmatic understanding of how to advance them.

Read the full article – “3 plans presented for the next chapter of Hunt Armory” (Pittsburgh Business Times, November 3, 2015)