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Mar 21 2024
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Brad Kitlowski, Counsel in the firm's Litigation section, will present "Retrieving Evidence From Smartphones" and "Legal Ethics of Social Media and ESI" for the National Business Institute.

In "Retrieving Evidence From Smartphones," Brad will cover: 

  • What to Look for, Where to Find it
  • Texts, Instant Messages, and Voice Messages
  • Collecting Evidence on Apps
  • Collecting Audio and Video
  • Geo Tagging
  • Finding Evidence of a Secret or Hidden Phone
  • Using Apps to Collect Evidence
  • Retrieving Deleted Data and Messages
  • Authenticating Text Messages and Other Smartphone Content

In "Legal Ethics of Social Media and ESI," he will cover:

  • Social Media Ethics
  • Attorney E-Discovery Competency
  • Data Confidentiality
  • Spoliation: Ethical Issues
  • Inadvertent Disclosure of Documents: Sender vs. Receiver

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