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Dec 21 2018

Brad Kitlowski, Counsel in the firm's Litigation section, will present "How to Get Your Social Media, Email and Text Evidence Admitted (and Keep Theirs Out) at a National Business Institute seminar on December 21. Learn more and register.

With all of the changes surrounding social media and email, it's critical to get up to speed on the latest rules, procedures and case law. This cutting-edge legal guide will walk you through state processes, procedures and the latest case law while equipping you with handy how-to's and real world examples along the way. Get practical tech advice you can actually understand and start using right away these groundbreaking new forms of evidence. From email to Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, to YouTube, Pinterest and video surveillance, gain invaluable insight into proven ways for preserving, producing, admitting and blocking ESI.

Course content includes:

  1. What Judges Want Attorneys to Know About Email, Text and Social Media Evidence Admission Mistakes
  2. Social Media, Email, Texts, and Video: How to Find and Use Them in Evidence
  3. How to Use Experts in Obtaining and Admitting/Suppressing Evidence
  4. Authenticating Text, Social Media and Email Evidence and Getting it Admitted
  5. How to Use Hearsay Exceptions and Relevancy Rules to Your Client's Advantage
  6. Case Studies and Sample Foundations to Help Your Practice: Facebook, Emails, Text, Video, Chats, Images, Documents, etc.
  7. Complying With Legal Ethics