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Jul 16 2017
10:15 AM - 11:45 AM

Michelle Yarbrough Korb, Counsel in Buchanan's Real Estate section, will present "Tools and Strategies to Strengthen Affordable Housing" at the NAHRO Summer Conference on Sunday, July 16.

These are uncertain times for those pursuing affordable housing for all – from uncertainty on the development front to potential changes with a new administration to local struggles. This discussion will take an honest look at the current situations and review strategies and tools to advance forward. Presenters will discuss issues they are seeing, proposed tools and solutions, and lessons learned from strategies that have been implemented. Such strategies include voucher mobility counseling, data sharing with other agencies, programs specific to homeless individuals/families, education for self-sufficiency, income discrimination legislation and inclusionary zoning. The learner will learn about the challenges to providing affordable housing and truly serving residents/clients by helping them thrive.