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Milton I. Koch

Milton I. Koch

Strategic Consultant

Washington, DC

How Milton Helps Clients

As a Certified Public Accountant and a former analyst at the U.S. Department of Commerce, Milton Koch supports clients involved in trade litigation by developing legal strategies based on in-depth analysis of complex financial data. He has a strong track record of providing creative and novel legal solutions reflecting the business structure of multinational companies and unique subsidy schemes of foreign governments. He serves as analyst in cases across a number of industries, including manufacturing, finance and investing. He also assists clients in research matters relating to economic sanctions, national security, and litigation.

I enjoy fixing problems for clients and working to keep manufacturing in the United States.

What Clients Can Expect

Milton is deftly able to apply his government experience working on high profile antidumping and countervailing duty cases to current client matters, as well as offer a unique perspective on non-market and market economy cases. Clients appreciate his ability to distill complex information into actionable insights on international trade and financial matters. Milton takes the time to thoroughly learn an industry and its unique issues. Milton provides both industry-wide big-picture views combined with detailed company and product specific analysis.    

Outside the Office

Milton enjoys hiking with his fiancée Michele and dog Sansa, experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes, and exploring all D.C. has to offer.      


  • One of three employees out of over one thousand in the International Trade Administration to receive a merit promotion in 2018 for outstanding personal and professional performance.
  • Twice received the Department of Commerce Gold Medal, the highest award available at the Department of Commerce for work on high profile AD/CVD investigations.  

Proof Points

  • Advised on litigation tangentially related to international trade such as malpractice and legal/data analysis for appeals.
  • Provide economic and corporate analysis for national security matters - establishing ultimate ownership of companies and tracing supply chain relationships
  • Advise on bills in Congress to strengthen fair trade enforcement and the impact on Commerce's calculation methodology for tariffs.