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A recent article in Healthcare Dive talks about the uncertainty as to whether or not the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) condones charitable premium subsidies. In a joint letter to the Secretary of the HHS, the American Hospital Association and Catholic Health Association ask that the HHS make it clear that HHS is not discouraging hospital-affiliated charitable foundations from subsidizing premiums for health insurance marketplace policies, the publication reported.

"Hospitals need clear guidance to ensure that they are not in violation of anti-kickback statutes," Buchanan’s Government Relations Professional Michael P. Strazzella told Healthcare Dive. "The concern could be that a hospital would make a payment to ensure that an individual is insured to receive what can be considered as an [elective procedure], thus providing financial gain to a hospital." 

Read the full article – “Does HHS condone Charitable Premium Subsidies or Not?” (Healthcare Dive, May 6, 2014)