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Mary Haney

Mary Haney


Pittsburgh, PA

How Mary Helps Clients

Mary has 30 years of experience working in the Healthcare Section and assisting clients with general corporate and transactional matters, with specific knowledge of nonprofit organizations. She assists with in-depth due diligence, mergers, acquisitions and various types of affiliations of nonprofit organizations and other entities involved in the delivery of health care and other related services. Mary handles the formation and completion of corporate formalities of nonprofit organizations, for-profit corporations and other entity types and maintains client minute books and corporate records. Mary specializes in nonprofit organizations and assists nonprofit and religiously affiliated entities with corporate governance matters, obtaining tax exempt status and other related matters. Mary is also involved in assisting healthcare clients with tasks and documentation related to HUD and Non-HUD accounts receivable lines of credit loans with multiple borrowers and other types of financing arrangements.

Prior to joining Buchanan, Mary’s previous experience consists of nine years in a supervisory position as the Legal Administrator for a Securities Broker Dealer and Investment Advisor firm where she was involved in private placement securities, commercial real estate investments, mortgage placement and refinancing and property management. This was followed by three years of experience in commercial loan documentation in the Commercial Finance Section of a medium size law firm where she prepared documentation for secured and unsecured loans.

What Clients Can Expect

Mary has a broad base of experience and expertise and provides clients with efficient and cost-effective services in a timely manner. She works closely with and communicates effectively with clients and responds quickly to their needs.

Outside the Office

Mary enjoys listening to music, shopping, traveling, watching and attending sporting events, and loves spending time with her family and friends. Over the past 28 years, Mary and her son, Alex, have greatly enjoyed sponsoring several children through Child Fund International.

Proof Points

  • Healthcare Transactional Matters and Closings
  • Entity Formation, Completion of Corporate Formalities, Annual Reporting, Maintaining Minutes and all Corporate Records
  • Obtaining Exempt Status for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Commercial Finance Loan Documentation and Closings