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John McKager “Mac” Stipanovich, chair of Buchanan’s Florida State Government Relations practice, told the Tallahassee Democrat he doesn’t see major differences of an election-year legislative season and an off-year one. This session in Florida starts in January rather than March and ends four days before Florida’s presidential primary, in which two of Florida’s politicians, former Gov. Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio, are running as candidates.

“Year in and year out, politicians by their nature want to appeal to their constituents,” he explains. “And their constituents are relatively straight-forward in what appeals to them. So, tax cuts if you’re a Republican. Increases in social spending, if you’re a Democrat. And anything relating to veterans if you’re in either party.”

Read the full article – “The voter variable: Election year politics will be in play as lawmakers gather for early session” (Tallahassee Democrat, January 9, 2016)