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"The legal risks to a company don't always leave with the executive," Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Litigation Attorney Joseph A. Dougherty explained in a tongue-in-cheek article on the real impacts of fictional boss Michael Scott's departure from the Dunder Mifflin paper company.

The article, published May 27, 2011 by the Philadelphia Business Journal, uses the sitcom to examine the impact an executive's departure can have on a company. Specifically, Dougherty recommends Dunder Mifflin —
  1. Determine Michael's contractual obligations.
  2. Evaluate existing confidentiality vulnerabilities.
  3. Commit Michael's legal obligations to writing.
  4. Secure Michael's computer, files and property.
  5. Monitor Michael's departing behavior.
  6. Check on Michael's post-employment activities.
  7. Protect Dunder Mifflin's customer base.
For all of Dougherty's detailed advice, visit the Philadelphia Business Journal's website. (Subscription required.)