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Administrative and judicial proceedings – no matter how serious or routine – can take up a great deal of your time with unpredictable results. Your chances of a favorable outcome are improved with a trusted and experienced partner who has been there many times before, knows the turf and can guide you confidently through the process.

In Administrative Proceedings and Litigation, You Are Never Alone

Many of our attorneys serve as outside general counsel for healthcare-related entities. We are sensitive to the strategic and operational issues confronting healthcare providers. While our focus is proactive and designed to avoid problems before they occur, we are also adept at managing legal issues if difficulties arise.

Investigations: An Ever-Increasing Fact of Life

With the rise in regulatory oversight of healthcare organizations, investigations have become fact of life. Organizations conduct internal investigations to ensure compliance or as a result of a known issue, and governmental agencies regularly conduct their own reviews. Our experience assisting healthcare clients with both types of investigations means we can help make the process more efficient and less intrusive for you. For example, we assist by:

  • Managing internal investigations of all types, including those stemming from allegations of documentation or billing irregularities, unethical conduct or violations of law or regulations.
  • Responding to government inquiries and documentation requests.
  • Helping with grand jury, Office of Inspector General (OIG) and Medicaid fraud unit investigations.
  • Preparing advisory opinion requests for submission to the OIG.
  • Coordinating investigations related to patient data breaches.
  • Assisting with healthcare-related Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigations.
  • Negotiating corporate integrity agreements.
  • Assisting in the resolution of medical staff disputes.
  • Advising regarding potential exposure and drafting self-disclosures to the OIG and/or CMS.

In addition to healthcare law, our lawyers are experienced in litigation, labor and employment, and white-collar defense, helping us respond to any proceedings, litigation and investigations you may face.

Professional Liability and Corporate Negligence by Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Providers

Few firms are able to focus on the post-acute and long term care industry the way we do. In addition to the many other services we provide to these clients, we have a dedicated team of trial attorneys who devote their practice to defending complex professional liability and corporate negligence matters throughout the country. Our industry-focused litigation team is retained by clients to defend high-exposure cases involving facilities, healthcare professionals and corporate parents and subsidiaries.

We Are Your Guide and Your Voice Through Litigation and Other Judicial Proceedings

Litigation comes in many forms, and we are well-prepared to assist you regardless of the forum. We advise and represent clients in all phases of litigation and alternative dispute resolution. If you need assistance with administrative federal or state agency proceedings or any form of litigation, from trial courts through the highest levels of appeal, we are with you. We work with you through: 

  • Early identification of liability exposure.
  • Early case assessment.
  • Investigations.
  • Reporting and claim-handling of general liability and corporate claims.
  • Administrative proceedings, such as medical staff matters.
  • Settlement negotiations.
  • Trials, appeals, arbitration and mediation.

Our litigation team is anchored by highly experienced lawyers at the top of their profession – lawyers who have attained a special level of credibility with judges, prosecutors and investigative agencies.

Among the litigation issues with which we assist healthcare organizations are:

  • Resolving negotiation, settlement and litigation of government claims.
  • Defending clients regarding conflicts of interest and other corporate matters.
  • Assisting with white-collar investigations and defense.
  • Counseling regarding whistleblower and related claims.
  • Defending against class actions.
  • Assisting with medical staff fair hearings.