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On Saturday, David A. Gurwin, Chair of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney’s Entertainment and Media Law Group and of the Technology Transactions Group, and Kerstin Schuler, Business Development Manager, were interviewed on The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s TechVibe Radio show about Gurwin’s blog, “Gurwin’s Keyboard,” as well as his practice at Buchanan. The hosts of TechVibe praised his blog as being a “fun, crisp read” that is better than any law blog out there.

“What I typically try to do is write one longer post at least once a week that’s really substantive, and then I’ll write a couple of shorter ones that are typically triggered by things that I’m reading in the news,” explains Gurwin.

Gurwin describes how he would occasionally make observations on social media sites about the entertainment industry, technology or pop culture, and Schuler and others suggested that he start a blog.

As Schuler explains, “Particularly when it comes to David’s practice…the area of law he focuses on is also an area of personal interest.” She continued, “We thought it would be a great opportunity to personalize his practice in a way that a law firm website just typically doesn’t allow.”

That personalization can provide value to clients, and the blog helps give the audience a broader picture of Gurwin and his practice.

“Particularly for people in the entertainment industries, I think it lends an air of credibility that they see that I understand what they’re going through,” says Gurwin. “I understand the issues that they’re facing because I’ve lived them myself. It really helps me connect much more with them on an attorney-client basis that I otherwise probably would be able to do so.”

Schuler adds, “When you think about what people want from their attorney, not only is it subject-matter expertise and to know the area but also to have that relationship, candor and authenticity, and I think this gives David a vehicle to share a lot of that...”

Gurwin also describes the challenges of staying on top of the whole gamut of the industry. Many entertainment lawyers in cities like Los Angeles are very specialized and might only represent clients in music or film. However, Gurwin represents musicians, playwrights, authors, video game developers, choreographers, theatre companies, film and television production companies, and more.