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Rhea Law, of counsel in Buchanan’s Real Estate section, was featured in the Tampa Bay Business & Wealth article, “Florida 500: Snapshots of influential Tampa Bay area women.”

Please explain your leadership strategy.

My leadership strategy is to inspire others to succeed in things they never thought possible and thereby develop an “army” of empowered people to work towards the success of the organization. This strategy works best when applied to individuals at all levels. Clearly communicating mission, and goals, encouraging independent thought, and accountability, providing coaching, and leadership training, as well as specifically identifying opportunities for growth are the tactics necessary to achieve the strategy.

What advice do you have for would-be influential business leaders?

There are thousands of books on the characteristics of a leader, however, in my view, the most important single attribute is to always maintain one’s credibility and integrity. An entire lifetime of positive actions can be undone in a moment of lapsed judgment. Trust your instincts – if something doesn’t feel quite right – don’t do it.