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Travis Bliss, Counsel in the firm's Intellectual Property section and chair of the Biotechnology Group, and Stephany Small, Patent Agent, authored an article about the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, recently signed into law by President Donald Trump and commonly known as the Farm Bill 2018.

The Farm Bill 2018 is a large, complex bill that contains sections and provisions that impact many aspects of the law. Buried within the bill is Section 10108, which makes certain minor amendments to the text of the Plant Variety Protection Act. Though this section is very brief and the amendments to the text of the PVPA are minimal, the impact of those amendments is quite important to the horticulture industry as it amends the PVPA to now include intellectual property protection for asexually reproduced plant varieties.

Read the full article, "Farm Bill Brings IP Options for Breeders of New Plants," in Law360.