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"Latinx" is an newer term that is increasingly used by the media and various organizations. Yet, what exactly does "Latinx" mean? Where did this term come from? Is the term "Latinx" interchangeable? Does using this term take away the individuality and uniqueness of the cultures it is used to describe?

On this episode of Dimensions of Diversity, Lloyd Freeman is joined by attorney and current board member of the Hispanic Bar Association, Melinda Colon-Cox, to provide insight on these loaded questions. The two will discuss a bright community full of colorful history, the meaningfulness behind Hispanic Heritage Month, the importance of advocating for one of the fastest growing minority populations in the United States. The episode will highlight the remarkable work of the Hispanic Bar Association that is aimed to remove hurdles and increase representation of "Latinx" individuals within the law community and beyond.

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Dimensions of Diversity is a podcast created by Buchanan Ingersoll and Rooney, highlighting diversity in the workplace. Hosted by Lloyd Freeman, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, the podcast features frank conversations with leaders all across the world of workplace diversity.