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On this episode of Dimensions of Diversity, our host, Lloyd Freeman, is joined by Sherika Ekpo to discuss the importance of a company’s commitment to belonging, equity, and inclusion. The two examine methods companies can utilize to retain talent through inclusive processes, discuss the best practices that allow businesses to appeal to a new generation of socially responsible interviewees, and provide insight on the positive outcomes of implementing intentionality in the hiring process.

Diversity is essential in all aspects of life and business is no exception. It is clear why diversity is good in a business, but improvements in diversity will not happen with companies being passive in their recruiting processes. In this episode, our speakers discuss what true intentionality looks like and how to systemically create opportunities for everyone in the workplace.

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Dimensions of Diversity is a podcast created by Buchanan Ingersoll and Rooney, highlighting diversity in the workplace. Hosted by Lloyd Freeman, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, the podcast features frank conversations with leaders all across the world of workplace diversity.