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On this episode of Dimensions of Diversity, host Lloyd Freeman is joined by Tiffany Obeng, employment attorney and principal author at Sugar Cookie Books. As a children’s book author, Tiffany focuses her books on teaching kids about potential careers, building their self-esteem, developing social-emotional learning skills, and exploring the seasons of the year.

During their conversation, Tiffany and Lloyd discuss Tiffany’s journey from law school to becoming a published author. They explore her desire to inspire children, specifically Black children, to be whatever they want to be and how the lack of diversity in children’s literature can have impacts – subconscious or not – on children of color. Tiffany mentions how her books focus on many of the unique challenges that Black children face and how to understand and overcome them. The two round out the episode by talking specifically about representation in the legal industry and how exposing children to various professions at a young age can impact the talent pipeline in the years to come.

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Dimensions of Diversity is a podcast created by Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, highlighting diversity in the workplace. Hosted by Lloyd Freeman, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, the podcast features meaningful conversations with industry and community leaders working to advance D&I.