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As we gear up for a new fall semester for college students, Lloyd Freedman is joined by Dr. Steve Mobley to discuss the importance of intersectionality and race when choosing an HBCU school. Dr. Mobley is well-versed in the world of communication, higher education, and culture through his many degrees, and is a graduate of both Howard University and the University of Pennsylvania.

On the episode, Dr. Mobley goes on to discuss his research on intersectionality in college environments, specifically as it relates to people of color (POC), mainly Black students. Lloyd and Dr. Mobley discuss what POC face when having to navigate through college while still trying to understand and affirm who they are when it comes to race, sexuality, and identity. They also discuss the shift in HBCU choices after the 2016 election and end the episode by discussing more of Dr. Mobley’s research and experiences with intersectional identities.

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Dimensions of Diversity is a podcast created by Buchanan Ingersoll and Rooney, highlighting diversity in the workplace. Hosted by Lloyd Freeman, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, the podcast features frank conversations with leaders all across the world of workplace diversity.