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Michael Strazzella, Federal Government Relations practice leader and co-leader of the firm's Healthcare industry group, was quoted in Bloomberg Law article, "Democrats Weigh Nullifying a Select Few Trump Health Regulations."

"Congress doesn’t use the CRA randomly” and is calculated about doing so, said Mike Strazzella, leader of the federal government relations department at Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney.

The discussions around the CRA between the Biden transition and Congress are primarily around environmental regulations and are "more scarce” about health care because several recently issued rules have bipartisan support, like rules changing how two anti-fraud laws are carried out, Strazzella said.

Strazzella says he doesn’t expect Congress to get involved with the rules that have been challenged in court and that lawmakers will let them play out there first. A rule tying domestic drug reimbursement to foreign prices was halted by two judges at the end of December 2020 before taking effect.