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Jul 14 2018
2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
Columbus, OH

Travis Bliss, Counsel in the firm's Intellectual Property section, and Laura Pitts, Associate, will present "Intellectual Property Rights for Plant Breeders and Growers: Obtaining and Using Multiple Types of IP in a Comprehensive Strategy #NR116" at the inaugural Cultivate '18 conference. They will discuss the two main types of IP rights that breeders and growers should always be considering - plant patents and trademarks - and will provide valuable information on how to obtain and use both these types of IP protection, including: why growers and breeders should obtain both types of protection, how patents and trademarks are obtained, timing issues around filing applications, considerations to keep in mind when both types of protection are being sought, and strategies for utilizing both types of IP rights in a comprehensive strategy to maximize your protection and the monetization of your novel plant varieties.