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Our Corporate Compliance and Litigation Teams work together to help clients stay ahead of the curve by carefully evaluating trends and insights.

We’ve noted four class action trends that are garnering significant attention:

  1. Website Accessibility
  2. Wage & Hour
  3. ERISA Plan Fees & Expenses
  4. COVID-19 Issues

If these are not on your radar, they should be. There has been a significant upswing in the number of class action claims and disputes in each of the four areas. More importantly, these types of class actions are highly strategic, tactical, vetted and targeted. And they affect organizations of all shapes and sizes, geographic markets and industry sectors. 

So it’s more important than ever to implement compliance strategies, policies and training designed to minimize risk and, ideally, avoid suit.

Buchanan’s Best Practices Compliance Checklist for Class Action Avoidance can help get you started on the right path.