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Carrie A. Lewis DelRosso

Carrie A. Lewis DelRosso

Senior Advisor, Government Relations

Pittsburgh, PA

How Carrie Helps Clients

Carrie is creative in her approach to government relations and uses her private and public sector experience to assist clients. She adeptly understands her clients’ needs and guides them to reach business and community leaders, state and municipal government, and other stakeholders to move forward towards their objectives. Carrie works diligently and has a strong background in healthcare, human services and sustainable economic development. 

As most recently, Carrie completed two statewide elections traveling across the Commonwealth and learning more about what businesses need in Pennsylvania to be successful. She previously served as a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from the 33rd District. 

As a Member of Pennsylvania State House of Representatives District 33 during the 2021-22 session her Committee Assignments were: Aging, Human Services, Gaming, Urban Affairs. During the session she accomplished three prime sponsored bills, all of which were signed into law (Pennsylvania Act 9, Act 61, & Act 137 of 2022).

She is a fourth-generation small business owner who is dedicated to development in her community of Oakmont as well as the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

She has served as a public relations and business consultant for clients including the Riverview School District and Penn Hills School District. She was also appointed to be the public relations manager for Plum Borough and Verona Borough.

What Clients Can Expect

Clients can expect Carrie’s relentless drive to assist them with successfully obtaining positive goals and objectives. Carrie has a background in building relationships with leaders across the Commonwealth and connects business owners, whether it be small or large, with the right person to provide better communication while enhancing business development and public relations. Carrie’s experience serving a very diverse house district gave her the ability to work through difficult issues and assist in overall communication strategy. After traveling the entire state of Pennsylvania, Carrie was able to recognize the opportunities in workforce development, small business and travel in Pennsylvania.  

Over the years, I have built a vast network and my constant goal is to connect resources and capabilities with the needs of my clients. 

Outside the Office

Carrie is an active member of her local community and loves to spend time with her friends and family both in Southwestern and Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Carrie spends any free time with her 3 kids Vincent, Domenic and Mia whether it be cheering them on at their sporting events or just having fun being their Mom.  After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 16, Carrie prioritizes wellness activities and makes time for daily runs or walks in Oakmont.

Proof Points

  • Freshman legislator prime sponsored 3 bills into law in the course of one term
  • Secured millions of dollars in grant funding for Oakmont Borough, the 33rd legislative district and multiple clients
  • Ran a successful statewide primary race against 8 other candidates in 4 months
  • Unified and branded a local public school district by incorporating into marketing strategic plan
  • Successfully uses social media to any clients advantage to promote positive communication and drive marketing capacity